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Creating a higher standardOur History

Originating in Kilkenny, Ireland, the Butlers migrated to Essex, England in the early 1500's.  

In 1689 Richard and William left Braintree, Essex for New Mass in  the Colonies, later settling in Hartford and Wethersfield, Connecticut.  In the mid-1700's after the death of Captain George Butler aboard his whaling vessel, the Welthea, his son George, Jr. converted the ship for the purpose of carrying freight from Bermuda to as far south as Antigua.

The Butler family arrived in these Bahama Islands in 1790 from Wethersfield, Connecticut via Sandy's Parish, Bermuda.  

Aboard the schooner Welthea, George Butler and two year old son Robert Butler, laden with liquor and foods pulled up to Prince George Wharf in Nassau.  Two hundred and twenty years later, we still provide the finest in specialty foods and liquor available in these islands from Exuma to Grand Bahama.

We pride ourselves in finding and importing quality products from all over Europe, Asia, and North America.

Personally, I have traveled and experienced life to the fullest, tasting the finest cuisine that the best culinary masters have to offer from Hong Kong to Cairo, from Ireland to Hawaii.  My goal is to help these islands create a higher standard by bringing the best of Europe, Asia, and North America to Freeport.

If we don't have it, please ask for it and we will make every effort to locate it for you.

Jeffrey B. Butler, Sr.


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